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where is your clitoris - Do you know where your mom is?

Your clitoris comes with a protective wrapper, called the clitoral hood. This is a fold of skin that is draped over the clitoris in everyday life. The tip of the clitoris, called the glans, is. Jun 26,  · My darling, rub your clit gently and enjoy the feeling. It's amazing and you can do it as often as you wish. emb Answered Oct 15, Report abuse My Mommy bought me lube so my lil clitoris doesn't getsore I was I love to touch it alot. Report abuse. Nawtylulgirl9 Jan 02,

The glans or ‘head’ of the clitoris is made of densely packed nerves and is external, which is what you can see and touch in the vulva. The body, legs and bulbs of . The body of the clitoris is suspended from the pubic bone by a short ligament and emerges to form a tiny external glans at the top of the vulva. Lying over the glans is a sheath of skin known as the clitoral hood.

Jun 12,  · Di Marino and Lepidi. g = glans. h = hood — these authors define the “hood” as only the retractable portion of the prepuce. CC = clitoral cavernosa. b = clitoral body formed by two CC. Jan 27,  · The clitoris extends back into the body (usually close to 4 inches!) and around the vaginal canal, explains Garrison. If you were to extract the clit entirely from the body, it’d look a bit like a.

The other way to find your clitoris is to start at your vaginal opening and run your finger up between your smaller (inner) lips. These smaller lips will come together at the glans. It would help also if you used a hand mirror and a bright light and, while laying on your back, visually explored your genital area. Aug 22,  · A growing body of knowledge and research is great. So is a slow lifting of the taboos surrounding sex, female anatomy, and female pleasure. But how can these things help you, your clitoris.

The vulva is the part of your genitals on the outside of your body — your labia, clitoris, vaginal opening, and the opening to the urethra (the hole you pee out of). While vaginas are just one part of the vulva, many people say “vagina” when they really mean the vulva. . Your urethra is between the inner lips (labia minora) of your vulva, where it resides below your clitoris and above your vagina opening. Here are some steps to take to easily find your urethra: 1. Wash your hands. This is to avoid contaminating your urethral opening with bacteria on your hands, which can lead to a UTI. 2. Get a mirror.