While the bride looks forward to her wedding day, the groom is more interested in his bachelor party. There is the temptation to get the party happening soon.

Obviously, you need to pick a day when all the boys are available. With crazy wedding schedules, choosing the right time for the party is crucial.

So, when should a bachelor party be?

The best time to have a bachelor party is usually 1-3 months before the wedding. If the bride is too organizing a bachelorette party, it is better to have them on the same day. This gives couples similar yet quite different experiences. However, this is not a must due to the rigorous wedding planning.

The best days for a bachelor party are weekends when most people are not working. You can have the party taking a day, two days or even more.

What is the best time for a bachelor party?

While most movies depict bachelor parties happening a couple of days before the wedding, that is not true. You can plan and have your bachelor party 1-3 months before the wedding. However, most bachelor parties tend to happen a month prior to the wedding.

If you’re planning a big wedding, you can have your bachelor party taking place 2-3 months before the wedding. This gives you ample time to plan for your wedding. There needs to be ample time between when the bachelor parties occur and the wedding.

Spring and summer are usually the best months for bachelor parties. This makes sense as most weddings in the US and Europe take place during the fall months. However, you can still organize your bachelor party in winter.

How long do bachelor parties last?

How long a bachelor party lasts depends on the groom, his buddies and the events organized. For example, if you’re vising a different country, a bachelor party can run even for a week. However, most bachelor parties tend to last a day or two.

However, be aware that the longer the bachelor party lasts, the more your buddies will spend. It is recommended you have a clear timetable on when the party starts and ends.

When should you plan a bachelor party?

You need to start plans for a bachelor party months before the day. Remember, your friends too have commitments in their lives. Start planning early and share with them the set date and venue for the party. Actually, you need to involve them in the plans since they will be contributing. Every member on the bachelor party guest list needs at least a month’s notice before the party day.

Who is supposed to plan a bachelor party?

It is the responsibility of the best man and groomsmen to plan and pay for the bachelor party. While the groom can be involved, it is more on the ideas of the party. The best man needs to collaborate with his buddies and organize everything for the groom.


As we’ve seen, you need a bachelor party done months before the wedding days. Both the groom and bride need ample time after the bachelor party to prepare for the wedding. The best time to have a bachelor party usually ranges from 1-4 months before the wedding.