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Oct 22,  · Attitudes about condoms, perceived vulnerability, condom use self-efficacy, and the sexual double standard emerged as significant correlates of condom use. General sexual attitudes and the sexual double standard were significantly correlated with alcohol use before or during sex. The Health Belief Model and Sexuality Education. The Health Belief Model (HBM) has been applied to a variety of health education topics including sexuality education. Since the HBM is based on motivating people to take action, (like using condoms) it can be a good .

The Health Belief Model and its Application to Behavior Change According to Diclemente, Salazar & Crosby (); “the health belief model (HBM) is a value expectancy model. Its primary construct predicts that behavior change will occur only when sufficient benefits remain after subtracting the costs incurred by performing the behavior”. Toepell: HEALTH BELIEF MODEL 23 Education concerning AIDS prevention focuses almost exclusively on safer sex practises and safer injection drug use. Considering that condoms are an important means of preventing the transmission of HIV, STDs and Hepatitis, there exists a proliferation of studies that have investigated the determinants of condom use.

Aug 04,  · Reid AE, Aiken LS. Integration of five health behaviour models: common strengths and unique contributions to understanding condom use. Psychol Health. Nov;26(11) doi: / Epub Jun Nov 20,  · Background HIV infection related to commercial sexual contact is a serious public health issue in China. The objectives of the present study are to explore the predictors of condom use among female sex workers (FSWs) in China and examine the relationship between Health Belief Model (HBM) constructs. Methodology/Principal Findings A cross-sectional study was conducted in two cities .

does not. Conceptualizing participation in premarital counseling as a health-related preventive behavior, we employed a well-established, widely used theoretical model called the health belief model as a guide. The health belief model (HBM; for recent reviews see Strecher, Champion, & . Title: Microsoft Word - Health Belief Model - Condom Author: JHarwood Created Date: 8/11/ PM.

The Health Belief Model* • Knowledge of STD transmission o Oral, anal, vaginal sex (asymptomatic) • Perception of Susceptibility o Chance of exposure to STD and o Chance of infection if exposed • Perception of Severity o Consequences and their likelihood o Seriousness of consequences *Refer to Glanz et al: Health Behavior and Health. Abstract PIP The authors investigated the extent to which Health Belief Model (HBM) measures can be used to predict subsequent sexual activity and consistency of condom use among teenagers.