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Condom joke. Posted in Adult Jokes. What did the penis say to the condom? Cover me I’m going in. Condom joke Submitted by Trevor. Really Funny Jokes: The funny joke above was submitted by a visitor! Computer Jokes; Magna Carta Joke; Laugh your socks off at funny jokes, funny quotes, funny memes and funny YouTube videos. Nov 02,  · A blonde, a brunette and a red head were smoking cigarettes one afternoon. The blonde had Camels, red head had Marlboros, and the brunette had Kools. It began to pour down raining, so the red head and brunette both pull out a condom and put it on their cigs. The blonde says “what are you [ ].

Oct 12,  · Enjoy funny condom jokes,quotes,one liners,sayings and much more My ex and I recently broke up. She's a cashier at a local mini mart, so from time to time when I want to stress her out, I just go there and buy a packet of condoms for no reason. At Funny Condoms™, our goal is to marry pop culture and sex by designing condoms that poke fun at today’s trends and other topical issues. We aim to be the first place you think of to get a gift for anyone that could use a laugh. Perfect for a birthday, college dorm room, bachelor/bachelorette party or health clinic giveaway, Funny Condoms.

Okay guys you want it?An education video on how to put a condom on my dick on is no joke!If we reach 1, Likes in less than one month.I will d. "The popping sound is the needle poking a hole in the end of the nipple." Later, the tour reaches the part of the factory where condoms are manufactured. The .

Oct 15,  · Joke: How is a woman like a condom?. Read the most funny Dirty Jokes, Question Jokes and tell them to your friends at A redneck goes to a pharmacist and says: I got a hot date tonight, an' I need me some perfection. How much is a pack a' deem rubbers going to cost me? The pharmacist responds: A three-pack of condo, Really Short Funny Jokes.

Funny joke collection stats: , jokes 59, thumbs up 5, active users visitors online 3, topics 10, humor websites 40, humor links Top Authors. Dec 08,  · How to Use a Condom. Wearing a condom during sex can help prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Whether you're using a male or female condom, it's important that you put it on properly or it won't be as Views: M.