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Feb 08,  · A white discharge from your nipples or white fluid from breast may also be because of an abscess caused due to bacteria which can enter the breast via a cracked nipple. In such a condition, even pus may ooze out from the breasts and they may also become swollen and inflamed. Visit a doctor if your breast looks infected. May 30,  · “This type of discharge can be a sign of breast cancer about 10 percent of the time. Even with bloody nipple discharge, the cause is usually .

Jan 23,  · White discharge, especially when it appears before a period, is usually a normal part of the menstrual cycle. However, most women will experience a . On visualization of the vulva, a thick, white, curdy discharge is seen at the introitus. On speculum examination there is a copious amount of this discharge. The pH of the discharge is and the KOH whiff test is negative, with no unusual smell. alcohol, and illegal drugs. Her mother has breast cancer and her father has coronary artery.

Jul 11,  · So a thick white discharge could just mean your period is about to start. Normal: You’re Stressed. Stress affects your hormone levels, which can cause changes in vaginal mucous production. This in turn can cause a discharge that is a little different in color, texture, or quantity than usual, including white discharge in your underwear. Sep 19,  · One form of breast cancer that may cause breast discharge is intraductal carcinoma. This cancer develops within the ducts of the breast located beneath the nipple. Another rare form of breast.

breast milk allergy brownish discharge/pregnancy discharge in breast White to Brown Discharge, 5 days after period, late on B.C. brown discharge, period? browish discharge Pinkish brown discharge days before period Brown discharge, severe cramps, headaches, breast larger, light blood yellowish vaginal discharge with foul smell in a 4 year old. Feb 03,  · Fluid may come out on its own or when you touch your breast or nipple. The fluid may be white, yellow, green, pink, watery, or bloody. Nipple discharge is normal in a woman that is pregnant or breastfeeding. A woman should contact her healthcare provider if she has nipple discharge when she is not pregnant or breast feeding.

My ladt period was 8/15/ and i experienced egg white discharge, sore breast, and MD. Hello dear, yes it can be q sign of pregnancy if you are trying to be pregnant. But not surely so wait for your periods to come and in case you miss them do a urine test which will confirm the diagnosis. Dec 14,  · Your body could be making extra amounts of a hormone called prolactin, which can cause this white discharge from your nipples. A brown or bloody discharge may come from dilated breast ducts or small polyps in the breast ducts. A small amount of yellow discharge very rarely occurs around the time when a girl starts her period. Tags: breast health.