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Tuberous breast surgery. Tuberous breasts are a congenital condition which results in irregular shaped breasts. The condition can cause either one or both breasts to take on a tubular or constricted appearance. The good news is this condition can be easily treated by a surgeon with the right skill set. Tubular breasts are typically longer and more narrow shaped breast with a nipple and areola area that may look pointed, puffy and seems to point downward or is too close to the breast crease. Women with tubular breast deformity are commonly embarrassed and unhappy with the .

May 23,  · Of course, changing the tuberous breast using an implant is done by fat transfer to breast but the surgery will be effective If you have not had any symptoms of a tuberous breast as you can see, your breast can be corrected with breast corrective with fat transfer. However, implant correction is more standardized. Tuberous breast deformity is considered breast reconstruction for congenital breast deformity. Since it is a deformity, there is a spectrum of severity. In the most severe cases, the breast is tubular with a very constricted base, very tight skin envelope, and minimal breast tissue.

For tubular breasts, the plunge bra will push the breasts upwards and together giving them a rounder fuller look. Plunge bras are recommended for V or U necklines and also when you want to leave a little cleavage. Bandeaux bras. A bandeau bra resembles a band around the chest. They are not very flattering if you want to have a sexy looking bosom. Dec 15,  · Okay so after a lot of searching and reading through the forum, I saw many people with previously tuberous breast that had good success at changing the shape of their breast. I read many of the techniques like nipple stopper devices, tying the cups to get cleavage, pumping only to 1 inch line to promote roundness not length, and pumping one at.

Tuberous breast deformity is a developmental condition. During the breast developmental phase, an aberration occurs that causes a constricting ring to grow around the base of the breast. This ring keeps the breast from developing properly, stopping its horizontal and/or vertical expansion. The extra pressure from this process causes the breast. Tubular breasts, aka Tuberous breasts, are one of the more common breast variations that we see as plastic surgeons. The reason most people who have tubular breasts do not think there are common is because people with tubular breast deformities go to great lengths to hide them/5(92).

Tuberous Breast Surgery This patient is a 35 year old female who presented to my practice with concerns about her breast appearance. This patient wished to have fuller breasts, and also wanted the shape to be rounder and the breasts to be closer together/5(82). This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 36 year old woman (5'2", lbs) who had ptotic (droopy) tubular breasts with larger nipple areola and herniation of the breast tissue into the areola (aka puffy nipples). Her bra size was roughly a 34B (though achieving proper support or fit proved difficult due to the tubular.