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Oct 28,  · A breast lump may still be a symptom of cancer. It is wiser to search for any lumps or swelling that you discover in your breasts for medical treatment. Breast tissue in both men and . Aug 08,  · Marjoram, a Natural Remedy for Breast Lumps Although most of us are unaware, marjoram is an amazing remedy in the case of breast lumps, actually one of the best natural remedies .

Sep 10,  · Breast lumps are localized swellings, knots, bumps, bulges, or protuberances in the sissysexwife.xyz lumps may appear in both sexes at all ages. In women, the fear is usually of breast cancer, but fortunately many breast lumps turn out to be due to benign conditions that can be successfully treated, such as infection, trauma, fibroadenoma, cyst, or fibrocystic disease of the breast. Jul 02,  · Treatment for Breast Lumps Your doctor must determine the cause of your breast lump before he or she can formulate a treatment plan. Not all breast lumps will need treatment. If you Author: Ann Pietrangelo.

If the lump is confirmed to be cancer, surgery is usually performed. Additional treatment may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy. What are breast lumps? How are breast . Jun 19,  · Breast lumps can be caused by: Breast cancer; Breast cysts (fluid-filled sacs in breast tissue that are usually benign); Fibroadenoma (a solid, benign mass most common in young women); Fibrocystic breasts (lumpy or rope-like breast .

Oct 15,  · Treatment will depend on where the cancer has spread and the type of breast cancer. Hormone therapy drugs These medications are used to treat hormone receptor-positive breast cancers. If you find a breast lump or other change in your breast, you might worry about breast cancer. That's understandable. But breast lumps are common, and most often they're noncancerous (benign), .

Treatment of a breast lump is directed at the cause. A fibroadenoma is usually removed if it grows or causes symptoms. Fibroadenomas can usually be surgically excised or, if. Oct 31,  · The various treatment modalities include surgery (lumpectomy meaning removal of the lump or mastectomy meaning the removal of the breast), chemotherapy and radiotherapy.