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In , Tara Reid went through an unpleasant incident at her birthday party. It was nip slip, her both boobs popped out and everyone saw it. She then became a victim of internet rumors about her breast size and other body parts. The journalists and photographers have a good scene and a . Here is the full story of Tara Reid and her unfortunate plastic surgery. The Nip Slip Accident; The unfortunate tale happened in It was her birthday party and there were a lot of paparazzi documenting the party. Tara wore a decent dress but unfortunately she had this nip slip accident that revealed her entire breasts.

Sep 29,  · My, my, Miss American Pie! Reid turns heads on the red carpet for reasons her stylist probably didn't anticipate at Diddy 's birthday bash in N.Y.C. The actress's dress slipped off her. Jan 29,  · Tara Reid may be a credited actress in late-’90s teen classics such as “American Pie,” but most people know her for the nipple-slip debacle that occurred at .

Tara Reid gets owned by Paris Hilton. September 15, at pm · Filed under embarassing, funny, Paris Hilton at a club, Tara reid gets owned by Paris Hilton at club video, Tara Reid nipple slip. Oct 13,  · Tara Reid’s breasts — we hardly knew thee. Actually, in your short time implanted into the actress’ chest, we probably knew you a little more than we should have — or wanted to.

Apr 25,  · Back in the day, before Tara Reid ruined her career entirely, the party girl first and actress second “accidentally” let the strap of her dress fall off her shoulder in , revealing her breast. Mar 10,  · In , Tara Reid had what the New York Post dubbed one of the "most infamous wardrobe malfunctions" of all time while attending Diddy's .

Nov 21,  · Actress Tara Reid claims breast implants and liposuction surgeries left her with disfigurements that damaged her career. According to CBS News, she explained the damage caused by her plastic. Jan 07,  · Basketball Wives: L.A.'s Laura Govan Pulls a Tara Reid, Bares Full Boob at Red Carpet Premiere! VH1 star seems oblivious to major nip slip at L.A. premiere of The Wedding Ringer By Rebecca Macatee Author: Rebecca Macatee.