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Apr 28,  · Hey everyone! I’m currently 8 DPO with TTC #2 with my partner. Currently have very swollen, veiny heavy and warm bbs, huge headache, dry mouth, “damp” feeling down there (TMI) feeling full down there with on and off pun pricks and light cramps (right sided) sore underarm pits and tired, irritable and hungry but then feel sick. It's most likely hormone drop in hormones right after O, the 2nd estrogen surge 4 to 6 dpo and the rise and fall in progesterone throughout the luteal phase can cause it. Obviously pregnancy can also cause it but 3 to 4 dpo is usually too early.

So, I'm now 12 DPO, got a BFN at 10 DPO, but not I've got some rather unusualy sore're only sore on the outsides near and into the armpits! And they're swollen. I'm close to AF, so that could be it, but I've never experienced only the outsides of my breasts being sore. And they are VERY sore. Jan 11,  · Many women are not aware that they are pregnant until they have missed a period. However, some may notice signs and symptoms earlier than this, possibly as early as 5 days past ovulation (DPO). In.

Jun 25,  · Tender breasts. Hormonal changes in the body in pregnancy have affected the blood flow to your system. For example, there’s an increase of blood flow to your breasts which in turn will make it swollen and sore. They’ll become sensitive and painful to touch. Wearing a bra at this stage makes you feel uncomfortable as well. Increased cervical. If your breast looks red or swollen, there’s no need to panic. A tender area or rash on your breast often signals a common problem like an infection.

Increasing levels of hormones cause increased blood flow and changes to the breast tissue. As milk ducts and milk-producing cells develop your breasts may feel swollen, tender or very sensitive to touch. You may also feel tingling, throbbing, burning sensation or itchiness. Your breasts may also grow in size, feel heavy or change in shape. Sep 22,  · I am currently 10 dpo and having low back pain, nausea, temp is staying high so I am hopeful this month! Let me know how it goes for you. I think it is different for every woman. If you are charting pay attention to your temp, if it stays high for 16 days .

Any breast swelling, whether it is on one side or both, is likely to be a cause for concern as the worry of breast cancer is always on a woman’s mind. While it is absolutely necessary for all breast swellings or lumps to be evaluated by a doctor, in most cases they do turn out to be non-threatening in nature and can be treated effectively. Dec 18,  · has anyone had sore breasts from 6 dpo as their first sign of pregnancy and gone on to get a bfp? They were also swollen. The only other thing was that I was very irritable and short tempered. I took a test a bit too early and it was "inconclusive"--one of the lines was only half way showing. I waited 4 more days and tested again and it was.