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Implant placement. The next decision is whether to place the breast implant above (subglandular) or below (submuscular) the chest muscles. The vast majority of implants are placed beneath the muscle tissue. Tear-drop implants must be positioned precisely to prevent implant rotation. This is why they are only offered as textured implants, as the rougher texture helps the implant adhere to the breast tissue. Round implants create fuller breasts with a higher lift and a more significant amount of cleavage.

For Breast Augmentation surgery, this is an area under the breast tissue, but above the chest muscles. Subpectoral: Under the pectoralis muscle. This is also referred to as submuscular breast augmentation. Textured Implants: The surface of the implant is covered with very small bumps in order to help the body accept the implant. This is. The pocket in which the implant is placed is created by either lifting the breast tissue away from the underlying chest muscle (pectoral muscle) as in the case of the “subglandular” (above the muscle) approach or placing the implant behind the chest muscle as in the “submuscular” approach.

The body is genetically designed to shrink scar tissue to a degree. Under normal conditions, the pocket remains open, thus permitting the implant to feel and look natural. However, in some cases, the capsule will tighten, and squeeze the implant. This will make the breast implant feel hard, and distorts the look of the breast. Submuscular placement also reduces the risk of capsular contracture (the formation of thick, tight scar tissue around the implant). Advantages of placing the implant under the breast tissue but over the muscle include a quicker, more comfortable recovery because the muscle is not affected by the surgery.

Nov 23,  · Regardless of whether your implants are submuscular or subglandular, they shouldn’t hinder your self-exam process; in fact, implants can actually help you perform a self breast exam by pushing your breast tissue forward and away from your rib cage. In both submuscular and subglandular implants, your breast tissue is situated on top of the. Breast Augmentation: Subglandular, Subfascial, and Submuscular Implant Placement Chet Mays Bradley Calobrace DEFINITION A critical choice in breast augmentation is where to place the implant pocket. Subglandular Subfascial Submuscular (for purposes of this paper, submuscular refers to below the pectoralis major) Implant choice, size, and location are based on a variety of patient qualities.

Textured Breast Implants. Textured breast implants tend to be more firm than smooth breast implants; however, they run a much lower risk of producing scar tissue, also known as capsular contracture. Some breast implants, such as teardrop-shaped implants, only come textured because of this lowered risk. Breast Implant Shape. Round Breast Implants. 4 years after submuscular breast augmentation, my left side is swelling when lifting weights, doing push ups or similar exercise (running is fine), if I rest a week it goes away, could scar tissue cause this?