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side effects of radiation therapy breast - Ketchup effect - funny

Damage to healthy cells can cause side effects. Many people who get radiation therapy have fatigue. Fatigue is feeling exhausted and worn out. It can happen all at once or come on slowly. Radiation therapy treats many types of cancer effectively. But like other cancer treatments, it often causes side effects. Each person experiences different side effects. Side effects depend on the type of cancer, its location, the radiation therapy dose, your general health, and other factors. It is important to talk with your health care team about any side effects .

It was common for treatment side effects such as pain, itchy skin, swelling and fatigue to go unrecognized. Aug 03,  · Side effects of radiation treatment for breast cancer. Although radiation treatment for breast cancer is an extremely effective form of treatment, there can be some mild-to-severe side effects of radiation exposure to the breast. Some of these side effects can begin during treatment.

Jan 28,  · Early side effects, such as nausea and fatigue, usually don’t last long. They may start during or right after treatment and last for. Breast radiation therapy can also cause long-term side effects or side effects that don’t appear until after the completion of your radiation treatment, which may include: Lymphedema, a type of pain .

A type of radiation therapy called partial breast radiation was developed to address the side effects of whole breast radiation therapy, which can include too much radiation to healthy tissue and to the skin, ribs, heart and lungs. The 3 to 6 week daily treatment schedule is also tough for many people. Partial breast radiation . Aug 20,  · "Radiation is known to have side effects if there's scattered radiation when we do whole breast radiation. This radiation is focused. That could be one reason," Vaidya said.

Breast radiation therapy is typically very well tolerated. The most common side effects experienced during a course of breast radiation therapy are fatigue, which is usually mild, and skin coloration changes such as redness, tanning, or darkening of the skin in the radiation . Side effects of radiation therapy on breast implants. Radiation therapy can cause scarring and hardening of the implant, leading to a poor cosmetic look and/or chronic pain in the breast area. In these cases, the implant may need to be removed. Radiation therapy and breast .