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Inspired somewhat by the Timbaland/Katy Perry song of the same name, this story details events five years after Kim Possible fails to save Ron Stoppable and Shego from an exploding volcano. This is slightly AU-ish insomuch the fact that the pivotal event of the story occurs after So the Drama but before Graduation, so the events in Graduation. Nicole Sullivan is an American actress, voice artist, writer, producer, and comedian who gained popularity with her sketch comedy television series, addition to that, she has also been cast in several roles in shows and movies like Holly Shumpert in The King of Queens, Principal Dana in Team Kaylie, Janine in Black-ish, Bonnie in $#*!My Dad Says, Julia Riker in Superhero Movie.

Dammit Shego, stop being so stupid! she chided herself. There's really nothing to it at all. You've just been watching too many mad for TV movies. You don't really want to go through the whole motherhood thing, right? Child birthing, breast feeding, changing diapers, waking . Dec 06,  · amy belly breast butt expansion rose shego So, normally I would have made this a Patreon exclusive or uploaded this to another site or something. But, I decided to make this a quick and cheap Premium Content.

So the Drama did not show the full scope and depth of Kim's and Ron's future, as the events after StD force them to evaluate their relationship in the face of a resurgent Dr. Drakken allied with again with Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan, but especially against Shego, who becomes ten times more powerful and is going insane, all while being guided. Shego, Kim's dark parallel, stands about 5'9 with D-cups breasts and an ass about the same size as Kim's. Her muscles are wound even tighter, bearing a full six-pack on her stomach, while her jet-black hair reaches almost to the floor.

Shego disguises herself as sissysexwife.xyzffFrom Kim Possible Season 4: The Mentor of our Discontent. Apr 26,  · Once she’s comfortable with you touching and massaging her breasts, it’s time to start using your lips and tongue. You can try different things, from licking her nipples with the tip of your tongue to using your full mouth to suck on the entire breast from different angles.

Shego moaned, her suit visibly tearing as her biceps began to swell, her breasts shooting through her suit, her ass doing the same, she roared as she flexed every muscle in her body leading her to swell unimaginably fast, more and more muscle piling on to her frame. "What the fuck! Shego managed to moan. Kim kneaded her breasts and softly started to kiss Shego's neck. She worked her way down to one of her breasts and took a nipple into her mouth. Shego hissed at the contact, her hands going up to Kim's head pulling her closer.