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Jan 06,  · Large, heavy breasts can lead to a variety of health problems. A breast reduction often alleviates the symptoms associated with voluminous breasts. There are several reasons why breast reduction or another form of breast surgery is needed for women, and in some instances, men. Three of the most common reasons to have a breast reduction include. Whatever your reasons your aim is to be fully informed about whether to have surgery or not. It is a serious undertaking and one that impacts upon your life in a big way. The main part is finding a surgeon and once you have the details of two to three surgeons you will then want to meet with each in turn.

Top 3 Reasons for Breast Reduction Why Breast Reduction Surgery? A breast reduction or a reduction mammoplasty removes excess breast tissue and fat to achieve a breast size that is in proportion with your body. Women who have overly large breasts can have health problems such as physical pain and discomfort and emotional problems that can have an impact on their self-image. Aug 14,  · From chronic aches and pains to just plain old discomfort, there are a variety of reasons why someone may decide to get a breast reduction. But there's a .

Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t have breast reduction surgery? He/she will assess your physical and general health as well as your reasons for surgery. There are strict guidelines regarding cosmetic surgery which are designed to safeguard you and your surgeon. Sep 19,  · Breast-reduction surgery can reduce a woman's risk of breast cancer, especially if she is over 50, according to a study published in the journal Plastic .

Reasons to Get a Breast Reduction Women have no control over how large their breasts naturally grow to be. Genetics account for the primary reason for why your bust size may be larger than average. Breast reduction surgery may be an option for you if you have backaches, neckaches or stasis ulcers (skin irritation or death of skin tissue due to pressure), if you have difficulty breathing, notice grooves in your shoulders from your bra straps, have numbness of any portion of the breasts and upper chest from the excessive weight, are.

Adding the female perspective to Quora User, and being a little less flip. ;) * I have never been able to dance, because it hurts, and because of balance issues. * I want my back to stop hurting, and I want my bra straps to stop bruising and cut. Dec 28,  · Celebrities like Ariel Winter, Queen Latifah and Patti Stranger have all been open about going under the knife to reduce their breast size. Whether it be to help ease neck and back pain, other physical symptoms, or purely for aesthetic reasons, breast reduction surgery can be life-changing, increasing quality of life and improving self-esteem.