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Sep 09,  · The Pill is like the Swiss Army knife of birth control: It does so much more than you'd think. Oral hormonal contraceptives prevent unplanned pregnancy, help regulate your cycle, tamp . Dec 23,  · One of the most serious problems caused by hormonal birth control is a higher risk of breast cancer. The link between hormones — especially estrogen — and breast cancer is a well-known and long-standing one. Thankfully, a large study from has shown that this risk is actually very small and will go away if you stop taking your birth.

Hi I am 22 years old, and I just stopped taking the pill (Alesse) for the first time in 8 years. I am now experiencing extremely tender nipples, that are constantly erect. My doctor told me that my period may not come at a perfectly scheduled time since my body would be re-adapting to not having the pills . Feb 13,  · After 4 months of quitting the pill cold turkey, Paige came to me desperate not to go back. For Paige, stopping the birth control pill had side effects and at 33 she was now experiencing .

hi i've been using Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo for 3 months now. i was on depo before this. my breast used to hurt before and after period even before i started on pills and depo. but now i have noticed that it won't stop hurting and it's more intense and sore . Birth control pills scare the crap out of me. I recently researched the lower dose combination pill options and discovered that a single pill contains over 20 times the amount of estrogen your body normally pill.

I haven't noticed any difference physically, nor did I gain weight (breast-size) when I began six years ago. The major added bonus of quitting birth control was that my sex-drive shot way up. I never realized how much the pill . Sep 17,  · Common causes of pain in both breasts include the birth control pill, hormone replacement therapy, heavy cigarette smoking, excessive caffeine drinking, fibrocystic breasts, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and diets high in saturated fats. “Breast tenderness experienced in both breasts is not associated with breast .

Mar 03,  · Since birth control pills regulate your hormone levels, they may alleviate this symptom for some women. So going off the pill could mean that your breasts start to feel a little more sensitive Author: Kathleen Felton. Does Birth Control Make Your Boobs Bigger? - BreastHow.