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"For a couple months, had a small, grey/purple lump on under-breast. when i had a breakdown, cut into it and there was a lot of blood and a bit of pus." Answered by a verified doctor: Small lump: A lot of . Jun 18,  · A lump on the areola, or area around the nipple, can occur in both males and females. A lump can be a local infection that may or may not be the result of inflammation of the breast.

Breast lumps are sometimes accompanied by discharge from the nipples. The discharge can be whitish, coloured or even blood stained. While most women are bound to get scared with such occurrences, the truth is that in eighty percent of the cases, the reason could be a harmless breast cyst or lump . Jan 08,  · There’s swelling of the breast, or it’s warm to the touch. You see discharge, inversion, flattening, or other changes to your nipple or areola. These can be signs of inflammatory breast cancer.

Dec 31,  · The appearance of a breast bruise can often cause alarm in many women. It usually appears as a skin discoloration, which can be blue, green, or purple, in one or both breasts. One of the most feared causes of breast bruise is inflammatory breast cancer. Other common causes of breast . During a breast self-exam, you may notice lumps or a change in the texture of your sissysexwife.xyz this can make you worry, it's important to understand that most breast lumps are not cancerous.   A lump may be malignant (cancerous) or precancerous, but there are several types of breast lumps that are benign (non-cancerous). To complicate matters, many benign breast changes can mimic breast.

Jan 11,  · Question Asked by amanda Both Breasts Are Turning Purple I looked down today while putting my bra on and noticed both breasts turning purple. an allergy, or something similar. Breast Author: Healthcentral. Women who are breast feeding are the common culprits of lump on the breast from an infection. This is because the ducts that carry milk to the nipples can become blocked. Also, bacteria can enter the .

Why they pop up Breast cysts tend to wax and wane with your cycle; if you have one that persists longer than a month, request an ultrasound or a fine-needle aspiration. Should you find a soft. The lump is black or purple in color; It is ulcerated (looks like an open sore, or becomes this way) You notice lots of little pink spots or larger bruised looking areas (these aren’t necessary lumps or bumps but can indicate a bleeding problem). If this is an old lump .