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Apr 17,  · If your breasts are growing (by the second!) during your pregnancy, they're also likely ultrasensitive and tender. (Look but don't touch, darling.) Breast tenderness is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, usually starting around week 4 to week 7 and lasting through the first trimester. Feb 22,  · Breasts may feel achy, have shooting pains, or simply feel full and heavy. By the time we get pregnant, most of us have already experienced the discomfort that breast tenderness brings. Sore breasts typically occur due to hormonal fluctuations. Pregnancy, puberty, and menopause are times when normal fluctuations are high. What causes breast.

Dec 01,  · According to the Mayo Clinic, in your first trimester, you might have breast tenderness, and in your second trimester, you might notice more changes like general breast enlargement. Not . Sore breasts were the first obvious sign that I was pregnant, even before the test came back positive. I just woke up one day and they felt fuller and tender, not the nipples, just the breast tissue. It was unlike any AF symptoms I've ever had.

I did with my first pregnancy really sore and tender and they became bigger quite quickly. This pregnancy nada, no pain at all! Breasts are a little bigger after returning to normal after finishing breastfeeding 3 months ago. But thats all. I would say tiredness is the most common early pregnancy . Jul 12,  · The most common signs and symptoms of early pregnancy, PMS, and the start of your period include mood swings, back pain, increased urination, and tender breasts. These three conditions also share other similar signs and symptoms, but there are unique differences between each. Moreover, there are symptoms that only occur if you are pregnant.

Dec 05,  · 5. Serious breast tenderness. Pregnancy can make breasts incredibly sore and tender. This is another early pregnancy symptom that is often extreme when it’s a twin pregnancy and hormone levels are elevated. Your breasts are working overtime since they’ll have to support two babies rather than just one. Mar 13,  · The breasts may feel tender or heavy during pregnancy, including in the first trimester. Progesterone can cause breast tenderness. This hormone helps maintain pregnancy .

Mar 18,  · Pregnancy can certainly induce tender breasts, but this is usually not the very first sign of pregnancy. In addition, if the tenderness is indeed a result of being pregnant, it typically appears later on, after you miss your period and have a positive pregnancy test. Sep 15,  · I know that sore swollen breast are an early pregnancy sign for some women, but I read a couple posts on a forum- not a baby forum like this one, but just one where you can ask any type of question - where one woman said she always had sore breast after ovulation, then when she actually was pregnant, she didnt get sore breasts until 2 weeks.