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photos of double bubble breast - Cute blonde DPed by the pool after a photo shoot.

Double bubble is usually blamed on the implant dropping below the existing bottom edge of the breast, called the inframammary fold or IMF. If the diameter of the implant is too large, then the fold has to be lowered or the implant will appear too high relative to the nipple. Mar 29,  · The double bubble will happen when the implant falls below the inframammary crease. This is the natural fold where the underside of the breast meets the chest wall. In such cases, the inframammary crease will lift up and away from the chest wall, and .

Vanessa decided to get breast implants to improve her self-confidence, but she said what resulted from the surgery is known as "double bubble deformity." A friend had recommended Dr. Martin O. Causes of Bottoming Out of Breast Implants and How to Correct It. Bottoming Out of Breast Implants – Before and After Pictures; Implant Rupture. Photographs; Implant Malposition. Photographs: Implant Malposition; Capsular Contracture. Photographs: Capsular Contracture; Causes and Treatment For Double Bubble Deformity. Photographs: Double Bubble.

Sep 09,  · Repairing the Double Bubble Deformity. Dr. Mesna can repair double bubble deformity in several ways. If you have a lower pole double bubble, he may create a small incision in your breast crease. Through this opening, he can place small sutures to lift the implant and tighten your breast . Apr 22,  · This patient’s before photos show severe bilateral double bubble breast deformity. Notice the left side is worse than the right and the implant is elevated superiorly on both breasts. The nipple is at the very bottom of the breast with skin laxity. There are three requirements of reconstruction for double bubble breast deformity.

The double bubble complication can occur with submuscular implant placement when the pectoralis muscle stretches across the implant above the natural breast crease. It is also more likely to occur in the seldom-used technique of inserting the implants through an incision in in the navel (transumbilical). Mar 04,  · In the years following a breast augmentation, it is possible for implants or their surrounding tissue to gradually shift change often presents few health risks, but nevertheless results in a patient’s desire for implant revision. One possible complication is the appearance of a “double bubble” - a cosmetic defect that alters the shape of the breast.

Although it is relatively rare, double bubble is a complication that can compromise the results of a breast augmentation procedure. Fortunately, Dr. David Passaretti can correct implants that have slipped below the natural bottom crease of the breast by performing double bubble revision surgery at his Darien, CT, perform revision surgery in our state-licensed and certified. Object moved to here.