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May 23,  · Overlapping tissue can create densities on the mammogram that appear as a mass or area termed “architectural distortion.” The main reasons you may be called back are for areas of architectural distortion, masses, or grouped microcalcifications (tiny spots of calcium in the breast). Mammograms are categorized into groups termed BI-RADS. What is a mammogram? A mammogram is a low dose X-ray of the breast tissue. Mammography is performed to look for early signs of breast cancer before a patient develops symptoms. It can also be used to look for any abnormality when a patient develops a new symptom (a lump or focal pain) in her/his breast tissue.. A routine screening mammogram usually includes at least two pictures of each breast.

Architectural distortion means distortion of the breast tissue with out any definite lump or mass. It is often due to something called desmoplastic reaction secondary to previous surgery or biopsy. Healed infections can also cause this picture. Sclerosing adenosis in a 45‐year‐old woman with an area of architectural distortion in the upper outer quadrant. A, Sonogram showing a vague hypoechoic area with posterior acoustic shadowing (arrows). The degree of posterior acoustic shadowing is not as dense as in carcinomas that have shadows.

May 05,  · But, don’t worry, this is a fairly vague finding in which there is nofocal mass, no distorted architecture, no central density and no associated breast calcifications. Usually about 3%of breast screening mammogramswill show asymmetric breast tissue. Aug 18,  · On this screening mammogram, the radiologist spotted a very subtle area of “architectural distortion” in her left breast. The arrows point to this distorted area within the dense white breast tissue: She had a breast ultrasound, which found a mass in this area of the left breast, and she had a needle biopsy of the mass.

May 16,  · Breast asymmetry refers to when one breast is a different size or shape than the other. A mammogram or breast cancer screening may show asymmetrical breast size or density. Architectural distortion - A mammogram finding where the tissue in a focal area appears abnormal compared to surrounding areas, as though the normal shadows are being drawn in, "folded", or "tented". This finding may represent a breast cancer, but also can be .

The mammographic abnormalities for which breast MRI was performed were asymmetry without associated microcalcifications (n = 98, %), architectural distortion (n = 12, %), and change in appearance of the site of a previous benign biopsy finding (n = 5, %). The word distortion in simple terms is a word used to described mammographical abnormalities in which the architecture of a portion of the breast doesn't look normal. Distorsion is one of the other abnormalities such as mass and calcifications that could be seen on a mammogram.