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Aug 27,  · Marijuana may be losing its image as a dangerous drug, but mounting research suggests women should steer clear of it if they are pregnant or breastfeeding, according . Nov 14,  · Smoking weeds while pregnant greatly impairs the functionality of the placenta. The major issues anticipated with smoking marijuana while pregnant are poor neurodevelopment in the child, fluctuations in heart rate, the critical health of the fetus due to the introduction of THC and other toxic components passed through the membrane of the placenta.

Jan 18,  · Smoke weed as a breastfeeding mama, and the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the ingredient in cannabis that activates cannabinoid receptors in your brain to produce mind-altering side effects. Aug 18,  · It's true that few studies have looked at the risks of smoking marijuana while breast-feeding, and many of the studies that have examined this question were conducted several decades ago. However, several organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, discourage the use of marijuana by breast-feeding mothers, in part because of concern that the drug may affect the baby's Author: By Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer.

Jan 06,  · Using marijuana while breastfeeding can allow harmful chemicals to pass from the mother to the infant through breast milk or secondhand smoke exposure. To limit potential risk to the infant, breastfeeding mothers should be advised not to use marijuana or products containing cannabidiol (CBD) in any form while breastfeeding. Aug 24,  · Marijuana may pass into the breast milk. The body metabolizes marijuana very slowly, unlike other drugs and alcohol. It stores marijuana in fat cells, meaning it .

No matter how marijuana/cannabis is consumed (smoking, vaping, or ingesting), its byproducts can be found in the breast milk. Figuring out how much is passed into the breast milk is complicated because how women use cannabis varies considerably. For example, the kinetics of smoking . Aug 19,  · Even if you’re not breastfeeding, experts recommend staying away from cannabis. Infants and other children in a household can be exposed to pot .

I breastfed until my baby was 6 months old, and I also smoked marijuana when I was breastfeeding too. I raised a lot of brows when friends found out that I smoked marijuana during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. People can be very judgmental and as much as possible, I keep that fact to myself. Oct 12,  · “Therefore, if women are using marijuana during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, there is a potential to impact the normal functions and development of the fetus or infant,” Laura M. Borgelt.