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red ine and indentation in breast - Ines Cudna like a teen

May 14,  · A bright red streak on your breast that comes and goes wouldn't be a typical breast cancer symptom; and internittent pain is more likely to be . Mar 14,  · Mastitis is a breast infection that can cause red marks and inflammation of the mammary gland. Mastitis is characterized by painful red and swollen breast skin with hard lumps inside mammary glands. This infection is common to lactating women that .

had a scar line that was red and a bit indented going vertically from my the glans to my scrotum and it is a scrape in the shape of a tooth. it is not exactly a cut it is just red and indented, the only way i can. Aug 09,  · A mother who thought an indentation in her breast was a result of an ill-fitting bra ha spoken of her devastation after her GP told her it was a symptom of breast cancer.

Red line on breast: So I noticed this inch long red line on my breast (it's not a scratch). I have no fever, the breast does not hurt nor is it tender. There is no lump or anything. I do feel kind of blah but it's mostly my stomach feels unsettled and my throat kind of hurts. I've never had mastitis so I'm curious if it HAS to accompany a fever? A breast lump is a common first sign of cancer, perhaps found during a breast self-examination. Other symptoms include a change in the breast's appearance or shape, swelling, lumps in the underarm area and nipple discharge. Know what signs and symptoms could be cause for a doctor visit to check for breast cancer with expert advice from Sharecare.

Oct 11,  · Warner, then 42, compared her breast to the photo posted by fellow Briton Lisa Royle. Seeing similarities, the mother of girls, ages 10 and 3, grew worried and saw her doctor. On July 1, Author: Lisa Flam. Hi, An indentation or dimple on the breast should be investigated as the formation of a lump can sometimes pull the skin into the breast causing the sissysexwife.xyzng can certainly occur from benign causes, but without evaluation it's impossible to speculate on what is causing this indentation, especially if it happens every time you remove your bra or wear a different kind of bra.I would be.

Jan 29,  · It looks like it has been that way since December Ability to Indent block elements such as paragraphs, headings, and block quotes. We disabled the ability to create new indents. Your existing pages with indented text are safe and you can still edit this text and outdent it, but you just won't be able to indent further. Jan 15,  · Dimpled skin is a common sign of inflammatory breast cancer, which draws its name from an inflamed appearance. This form of cancer results in Author: James Roland.