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what causes nipple discharge if you're not pregnant? recently had a mammogram and a breast ultrasound. all was normal, however it has not stopped. Dr. Alan Patterson answered 41 years . May 04,  · A watery discharge could happen before or during periods, before ovulation of after ovulation. Women with estrogen dominance experience excessive watery discharge as an early sign of pregnancy. This watery discharge could be milky or clear. A thin milky discharge Reviews: 8.

Jun 13,  · In most pregnancies, your breasts won't start to leak until the third trimester, if at all. However, leaking can begin much earlier -- as early as 12 weeks pregnant. If your breasts do leak near the beginning of your pregnancy, you'll notice that the fluid is very thick and yellow. Toward the end of pregnancy. May 12,  · The reason breast milk isn’t produced in high quantities when you're expecting, especially earlier on in pregnancy, is because of the sky-high estrogen and progesterone levels that .

Sep 10,  · Breast duct malformation (duct ectasia) can lead to breast discharge. Mastitis is the medical term for a breast infection, and mastodynia is the medical term for breast pain. Another name . Jul 15,  · Breast pads (inserted into your bra), designed to soak up any leaks during breastfeeding, also work like a charm during pregnancy. In the final weeks of your pregnancy, you may notice that .

Nipple discharge can occur normally during the last weeks of pregnancy and after childbirth when breast milk is produced. A nipple discharge can also be normal in women who are not pregnant or . Aug 29,  · Unexpected nipple discharge may have several potential causes. The hormone prolactin causes lactation during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. People who have galactorrhea may .

Sep 19,  · In the early stages of pregnancy, some women notice clear breast discharge coming from their nipples. In the later stages of pregnancy, this discharge may take on a watery, milky . Breast Cancer Care has more on what to expect at a breast clinic. Causes of nipple discharge. Nipple discharge has many possible causes. Common causes include: breastfeeding or pregnancy – see leaking nipples in pregnancy; a blocked or enlarged milk duct; a small, non-cancerous lump in the breast; a breast .