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Nadz came into work with pinkeye, so a new mother claimed she could cure it with breast milk! Dec 22,  · According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, people with pink eye should avoid eye drops designed to reduce redness since they can cause burning and irritation. 1  Some people might recommend using breast milk to help with pink eye in children, but this folk wisdom is .

Jul 29,  · Breast milk for pink eye is the best solution one can ever get. Pink eye is a kind of infection caused by a virus and affects the eye by causing redness, swelling, and secretions for some time. Breast milk helps to reduce swelling, irritation, and soothes these symptoms. It Author: HTC Team. Breast Milk for Pink Eye If you usually spend some time with breast feeding mothers, by now you should be aware that breast milk can be used to treat pink eye in babies or even grownups. This is not just a myth but you can go ahead and try it as well. Sources suggest that the most common medicine for eye infection is breast milk.

Aug 28,  · For bacteria caused pink eye, evidence shows that mother’s milk is unlikely to be effective against the bacteria that cause this infection. And certainly, in a newborn, genuine pink eyes need to be evaluated by a physician because there is the potential for long term irreversible eye damage. So what did the studies say? Some mothers may pour a small quantity of breast milk into the infected eye of the infant. But there is no scientific evidence that breast milk is an effective cure for conjunctivitis in babies (10).

Sep 18,  · But the American Academy of Opthalmology does not recommend breast milk for pink eye relief. The organization states that “there is no science that supports using breast milk for . Myth: Breast milk can be use to treat conjunctivitis (pink eye) Facts: Maybe. Mixed review noted in two separate research done in (studies in British) and (studies in Iran with neonatal infant). Breastmilk was noted to be effective in inhibiting growth on gonorrhea, which is the most common bacteria that causes pink eye.

Aug 30,  · Probiotics have many positive impacts on treating pink eye [36]. To treat the pink eye with probiotics, you can apply breast milk and yogurt liquid because both products contain probiotics. You apply 1 or 2 drops of probiotics and use it 3 times a day to fight against your pink eye. Jun 01,  · Can you treat pink eye with breast milk? Anonymous patient. A: There is no good evidence that pink eye can be successfully treated by applying breast milk around the eye. While it .