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oh nice and chubby baby animaniacs - BOTR Oh Dad ! So Nice To Have You Home Again !

"When the whipporwills, the wind will whippor nice and chubby baby."-Animaniacs Lucy Kelson: I think you are the most selfish person on the planet. George Wade:That's just silly. Have you met everyone on the planet? -Two Weeks Notice "My name is Muerte. It means death."-Undercover Blues "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Nov 20,  · 'Animaniacs' on Hulu: Yakko, Wakko and Dot are back for one zany reboot — read our premiere recap, then weigh in.

Oh, NICE AND CHUBBY BABY! Beth facepalmed while Hotch's attention turned to the table where JJ, Morgan, Pinky and Will were sitting. Beth turned to Hotch, "Is everything all right?" Hotch seemed distracted for a bit, "Oh, I was just thinking about our new agent, Pinky." The . Jul 01,  · All this talk of Animaniacs got me thinking about the Jerry Lewis clown, by far my favorite character. But does anyone know what the back story is with that little song of his, that "when the whippoorwill, whippoors in the wind, the wind can whippoor back, oh nice and chubby baby" thing?

Paul Rugg, Actor: Earth to Ned. Paul Rugg was born on October 21, in Los Angeles, California, USA as Paul Kevin Rugg. He is an actor and writer, known for Earth to Ned (), Freakazoid! () and The Adventures of Puss in Boots (). when it first came out I was like "huh, Jerry Lewis is the clown, how random" then a few years later I learned about "The Day the Clown Cried", a movie starring Jerry Lewis in which he plays a clown at a concentration camp during World War 2.

Mar 04,  · Oh nice and chubby baby! Animaniacs - The Director clip - Duration: illMATTic20 13, views. Wish You Were Here - Duration: . "Oh no you don't." Yakko scolded, pulling his younger brother back. "We've got Star Trek memorabilia to purchase." "So nice to hear that you actually have priorities, Warner." Rem murmured. "Put a sock in it, Roth." Yakko ranted at her. "Have a nice day!" the female sales .

Illustration featuring Mr Skullhead from Animaniacs, in his usual 'Good Idea, Bad Idea' adventural trappings. the wind can whippoor back oh nice and chubby baby! ". For some reason that's always so funny. AND - best part EVER was in episode 1 or 2 (if I remember correctly), when Dr. Scratchansniff tells the Animaniacs to plant themselves. DR. S.: Ooh, ja, ja! Wakko's fear of clowns -- his "clownophobia", if you will -- is so great, that he becomes kooky, und extremely unpredictable. Whoo-hoo-hoo! I'd hate to see the clown that meets up with Wakko! PLOTZ: Uh-oh! CLOWN: [Singing] "When the whippoorwill / Whippers in the wind / The wind can whipper back / Oh nice and chubby baby!".