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Mar 01,  · I hated my mom, my father, and my stepmom for allowing this to happen to us. I hated the women who did it to us. For more than 25 years, I fantasized about killing each and every one of them. Jul 03,  · Hilary Duff Mom-Shamed for Piercing Her 8-Month-Old Daughter's Ears. by Korin Miller. Updated: July 3, Hilary Duff is under fire on social media after she revealed that she and her fiancé Matthew Koma pierced their 8-month-old daughter’s ears. Duff, who welcomed baby Banks in October, shared an adorable photo of her daughter in her.

Mar 23,  · Video that shows a mom apparently forcing her daughter to get her ears pierced at a Chicago business is going viral after the video was posted on Facebook. Mar 25,  · A mom from Chicago is facing online outrage after an unsettling video was posted of her daughter getting her ears pierced. The footage was taken at an ear piercing .

I think getting your clit pierced is o.k. but you need to keep it clean or it will get infected. I want to get my tongue and naval pierced but my mom won't let me until i'm 18 and can go get them myself. Hilary Duff Is Getting Mom-Shamed for Piercing Her Daughter's Ears. Baby Banks is 8 months old. By Christopher Luu. Jul 03, @ pm Advertisement. Save Pin FB. More.

May 01,  · It really depends. If she wants it bad enough then she will get it anyway but as her parent it is your responsibility to look out for her and maybe in 2 years, when she is 18, she wont want it any. Jul 04,  · And when she is of age, she is allowed to get what ever pierced and tattooed (although I am hoping it will be tasteful and respectful and done in a healthy and safe manner of course). Judging a mother for her appearance (whether it be tattoos, a scar on her face, or .

A clitoris piercing is a female genital piercing placed directly through the head (glans) of the clitoris itself. It is a relatively uncommon piercing by choice because of the potential for nerve damage, and because women may find it too stimulating to allow the constant wearing of a small ring or barbell. It is often confused with the more common clitoral hood piercing, which pierces only the. Sep 07,  · In answer to the question, just explain to your daughter that getting her clitoris pierced is a really bad idea. One slip - and we're talking about a very small area of the body - and your daughter.