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clitoris hood piercings - Pierced wife masturbating and squirting - pierced clit hood

Vertical hood piercing doesn’t hurt at all according to the three people I know who’ve had it done. I got the Christina piercing, and THAT hurt. Answer by pinky There are many different female genital piercings that you can get – I would recommend a vertical hood as it is one of the most common and heals very quickly. Triangle. The Triangle is another newer piercing and as women are taking control of their own enjoyment from the ’s this piercing has been one of the more commonly done female genital piercings, it is often coupled with the vertical clitoral hood so there is a piercing vertically above the clitoris and horizontally below it.

Clitoral Hood Lift (Clitoral Hoodectomy) Before and After Photos. Patients with elongated clitoral hoods aka excess clitoral hood (prepuce) may complain of poor aesthetic appearances and/or less of access to the clitoris for stimulation. The reduction of the excessive prepuce is called "clitoral hood reduction (lift) or clitoral hoodectomy."Click the images below to enlarge. Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercings The most popular vulva piercing done in our shop, the vertical hood piercing (VCH), not only looks great, but it has a good chance of making the wearer feel great. It is easy to sit through and heal, and adds extra stimulation for the wearer.

Dec 07,  · A brief clip of Elayne Angel performing a Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) Piercing, (pixellated for the general public--but for unfiltered piercings, check out *****piercingbible****/video For entertainment purposes only; this is not a "how-to" video. Elayne Angel does guest piercing at fine studios around the U.S. If you're interested in booking an appointment with her visit: *****piercingbible. This is how it's done people! If you have a short attention span it starts around Getting my VCH done. I have no idea why some girls on here appear.

Dec 22,  · These piercings tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than sexually stimulating, but HCH piercing jewelry can send occasional bolts of electricity through your clitoris, too. If you want a clitoral hood piercing and you don't qualify for a VCH piercing, then a horizontal clitoral hood piercing is the best way to go. Jul 14,  · Vertical Clitoral Hood The vertical hood piercing is the easiest, least painful, most stimulating, and quickest healing female genital piercing there is, if you happen to have the correct anatomy for it. You'll need to have an examination done by your piercer to determine whether you are best suited for a vertical or horizontal clit hood piercing.

Jun 29,  · The vertical clitoral hood (VCH) piercing is by far the most popular piercing I perform. It has a number of benefits, as genital, "clit piercings" or "vaginal" piercings go! First off is the fact that the VCH is a hood piercing with the potential to add sensation during sexual sissysexwife.xyz is the primary reason most women seek it, or any piercing of the "lady parts" as some refer to the. Mar 26,  · Horizontal clitoral hood (HCH) – same as above, but placed horizontally on the hood. Triangle piercing – a horizontal piercing just underneath the shaft of the clitoris, at the base of the hood.